putting green Herefordshire

putting green Herefordshire
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putting green Herefordshire
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You may find this information helpful when researching the area prior to your visit

The cathedral is not the only fine architecture in Hereford. There are many churches and buildings such as the old black and white house, the city museum, and the butter market which was opened in 1860.

The interior of the butter market was refurbished after a fire, but the original clock tower at the front of the building exists as it did when it first opened for traders. Unfortunatly John Clayton, the designer, died before the building was finished.There are many examples of historical architecture in Hereford, of which we have only mentioned a few. The city now balances old and modern with the normal hustle and bustle of the busy city centre, making Hereford City a truely unique place to visit.

Introduction to the county

Britain's motorway network will bring you into Herefordshire's South East corner at Ross-on-Wye via the M50. Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding area is rich in tourist activities. Ross-on-Wye was the birthplace of the British tourist industry. In 1745, the rector, Dr John Egerton, started taking friends on boat trips down the Valley from the rectory at Ross. The Wye Valley's particular attraction was its river scenery, its precipitous landscapes, and its castles and abbeys, which were accessible to fashionable seekers of the "Picturesque". In 1782, William Gilpin's book "Observations on the River Wye" was published, the first illustrated tour guide to be published in Britain. Once it was published, demand grew so much that by 1808 there were eight boats making regular excursions down the Wye, most of them hired from inns in Ross and Monmouth. By 1850 more than 20 visitors had published their own accounts of the Wye Tour, and the area was established as a tourist area.

Whether you are interested in historic old buildings and castles or you are more athletic and need to use one of the several activity centres in the area, every one is catered for. Take the A40 towards Monmouth and you will pass Goodrich Castle on the left before reaching Symonds Yat. At Symonds Yat you can walk by the river Wye or see the "Rock" from one of the many view points along The Wye Walk. Herefordshire is a lowland county with the Forest of Dean to the south, the Malvern Hills to the east and the Black Mountains and uplands of Powys to the west. A large portion of the lowland is very fertile alluvial soil caused by the numerous rivers that flow through the landscape. These rivers create wonderful views for the tourists as well as more importantly providing some of the best agricultural land in the country. For hundreds of years the county was renowned for its cattle, hops, and cider. The beautiful red and white Hereford Cattle, although not as numerous as they once were, can still be found in many areas of the county. The hop industry has also seen major changes with many small growers succumbing to the winds of change.

The development of the newer dwarf varieties of hops began in Herefordshire and these new varieties are simplifying the harvesting process. Herefordshire of course has the worlds largest Cider Makers - Bulmers. Gone are most of the ancient orchards with mistletoe hanging in large trees.Instead new specialist orchards which are designed for modern machinery and ease of growing are, and will produce the apples for cider well into the 21st century. If you visit the county during September and early October you will be aware of one the other agricultural crops which the county is a major producer of. This is of course Potatoes. You will see hundreds of tractors and trailers hauling potatoes from field to store. Hereford City is to be found right in the centre of the county. It is a lively market town well known for its open air Wednesday and Saturday markets held in the cattle market. The city has the river Wye flowing through it. Along side the bank of the river is the Cathedral. One of the newest exhibitions to be seen at the cathedral is the mappa mundi.It has recently been rehoused with the chained library in a customised extension to the cathedral.